Electrical Panel Replacements & Upgrades

Electrical Panel Replacement

It’s essential to get an electrical panel upgrade to match the amount of electricity your home is consuming. Here are two common signs that it’s time for an electrical panel replacement:

  • Out of Date Panel
    Some of the newest appliances require more energy than ever before to keep up with their advanced systems. If you’re thinking of upgrading your home to include these new appliances, be sure to check the amount of energy that they consume. You may need an electrical panel upgrade to meet these greater energy demands. A newer panel will also come with more up-to-date safety features. 
  • Your Panel Starts Tripping
    When your electrical panel starts tripping, you have a problem. This means your panel is overheating due to the amount of energy you’re using. Your circuits are being damaged in the process and can’t keep up. It could also be due to the type of wiring you have in place. Vacuums, microwaves, and even AC systems can cause tripping to occur. 

Federal Pacific Electric    

    The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission says Federal Pacific breakers are dangerous.

  These panels could:

  • Fail to trip the breaker during an overload.
  • They may lock-up and may not trip more than once.
  • Old Stab-lok breaker connection. 

Federal Pacific Electrical Panels cause 2,800 electrical fires each year because they do not trip the breaker. They cut corners on  materials to make their panels, As a result, their electrical panels are unreliable and unsafe. 

Our Electrical Panel Installation Service


If you’re not a professional, do not attempt electrical work. Our electrical panel installation contractors have years of experience working with wiring and they fully understand the safety measures that have to be taken. If done improperly, your wires could shock or burn you. They can also cause a fire or even an explosion, depending on how they are set up. Don not risk it—call the pros.  

  Our team of experienced electrical contractors services all of Pierce County, Washington. You can call 253-861-0485 or email SUNVIEWELECTRIC@YAHOO.COM for more information, to schedule an estimate, or to book your appointment with our electrical panel installation contractors.