Residential Lighting Electrician

    Choosing the proper lighting for your home is one thing, but installing it is an entirely different task. Once you’ve determined the location, size, and strength of your lighting, you are ready for one of Sun View Electric’s experienced residential electricians to install it for you. Whether you’re looking for recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, security lighting or any other lighting design, our team has the experience needed to get the job done right. 

Our Residential Lighting Service

    All of our residential electricians are fully licensed professionals who are prepared to take on just about any home lighting job out there. Our particular areas of expertise include: 

Recessed Lighting

    When you’re looking for a more modern lighting décor, consider recessed lights. Recessed lighting is appealing in your ceiling and provides the lighting you desire in a specific area of your home and makes a room with standard ceiling heights look larger. 

Under cabinet Lighting

    Under Cabinet lighting can be both beautiful and convenient. For example, a kitchen installation near the sink lets you see the dishes you’re washing without turning on the main light. Under cabinet lighting is great when paired with a motion sensor for getting a glass of water at midnight without being blinded with too much light. They’re even useful in bathroom when it’s dark and your eyes aren’t quite ready for the brightness of the overhead light. 

Safety Measures

   If you aren’t an experienced residential electrician, please don’t attempt to install lighting on your own. Our team fully understands the safety measures that have to be taken when working with wires. If you’re unsure about the best placement for your lighting, our team can help. 

Service Time

     The time it takes to install your lighting depends on your home’s current wiring layout and on where you want to place your lighting. After inspecting your home, our electricians will give you an estimated cost and time of completion.

Contact our team by calling 253-861-0485 or emailing SUNVIEWELECTRIC@YAHOO.COM. We service all residential areas in Pierce County, Washington. We work hard to respond to all of our emails or phone calls in an efficient manner.