Electrical Outlet Replacements & Upgrades

As you add appliances to your home or purchase more electronic devices, you’ll need more outlets available so you can plug them in. An electrical outlet installation, also known as a receptacle upgrade, is something that only licensed professionals like the team at Sun View Electric should undertake.

Reasons to Invest in an Electrical Outlet Installation

  1. You have several electronic devices that need to be plugged in at one location, and there aren’t enough outlets there to make it happen.
  2. An outlet short-circuited and needs to be replaced.
  3. You need new outlets in your bathroom, next to your bed, or in a different location where there currently aren’t any. 

Our Electrical Outlet Installation Service

We’re a team of licensed electricians who provide expert wall receptacle wiring installations in Pierce County, Washington. If you’re unsure how many outlets you can have in your home, our team can examine the property’s electrical layout and give you the necessary information about your area’s electrical code. We’ll then make an informed recommendation about how to proceed with your home’s electrical outlet installation.

Installation Time

The time it takes to perform your wall receptacle wiring service depends on whether it’s a receptacle upgrade or a full electrical receptacle installation. Once our team understands your home’s electrical design and the scope of your project, we’ll be able to give you an estimated time of completion for your project. We value efficiency and will work hard to complete the job in a timely manner, but we’ll never compromise on quality to meet a deadline.

You can contact our team by calling 253-861-0485 or emailing SUNVIEWELECTRIC@YAHOO.COM. We reply to all of our customers as quickly as possible to answer any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our electrical receptacle installation and upgrade service. Leave it to our professionals to get your electrical receptacle wiring done right.